Tornado Shelter

It is tornado season as a reminder please see the tornado shelter guidelines below.

Magazine School District in partnership with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is fortunate to have constructed a Safe Room. They are designed and constructed to withstand the pressures of 200 mile-per-hour tornadic winds. Safe Room doors will be unlocked at the first Tornado Warning siren. Safe Room doors Do Not open until that time.

 Safe Room Procedures

  • Safe Room doors will be unlocked with the first “Tornado Warning” siren.
  • Safe Room will close when “Tornado Warning” expires. All occupants should leave at that time.
  • Safe Room will accommodate pets contained within airline-approved pet carriers. No pets will be allowed that are not in carriers.
  • Safe Room and school campuses are tobacco-free facilities per Arkansas law.
  • Safe Room doors are to remain closed at all times.
  • Radios or music devices may be used only with individual earphones.
  • Locker rooms, offices, and closets are not part of the safe room and are not constructed to withstand a tornado. Individuals will not be allowed to shelter in those areas.
  • Please sign in when you arrive at the shelter.  In case of a tornado in our community, this will help determine the location and safety of individuals. 

Priority Occupation

  • Students, school faculty, and staff have priority during the school day.
  • During severe weather after school hours, the Safe Room is available as a community shelter.

General Information

  • Safe Room is not stocked with food, cots, pillows, or blankets.
  • Safe Room is stocked with a first aid kit and 20 or fewer chairs for the elderly or physically challenged.
  • Designated personnel will close the facility when the Tornado Warning has expired.