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Why choose Magazine Elementary?



At Magazine Elementary, we are a family from our students and faculty to our staff and administration. We embrace a collaborative strategy when it comes to providing your student the very best education possible both academically and healthwise, emotionally and physically. Each of our faculty, staff and administrators is invested in the academic success and the overall well-being of your student and is committed to working together to see that your student performs at their highest level in the classroom and grows socially as well.


A PLC At Work School

Professional learning communities (PLCs) at Magazine Elementary empower our teachers to work collaboratively in recurring cycles of collective inquiry and action research to achieve better results for the students they serve. At the heart of the PLC at Work process are four critical questions that drive the daily actions of every team member: 1). What is it we want our students to know and be able to do? 2). How will we know if each student has learned it? 3). How will we respond when some students do not learn it? 4). How will we extend the learning for students who have demonstrated proficiency?


Data-Driven Decision-Making

At Magazine Elementary, we strive to make the best decisions possible regarding your student’s education. Following a data-driven approach offers measurable advantages. That's because a data-driven strategy uses facts and hard information rather than gut instinct. Using a data-driven approach makes it easier to be objective about our decisions. Through everyday coursework and assessments, periodic assessments like I-Ready and yearly state assessments like ACT Aspire, we are able to develop a better understanding of the level of your student’s learning and provide the needed individualized instruction.

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Committed to Ensuring All Students Learn at High Levels

Your student's education and well-being are our top priorities here at Magazine Elementary. Our faculty, staff and administration are committed to ensuring that ALL students learn at a high level. We do so by providing a safe and comfortable learning environment, creating a sense of belonging, assessing the learning styles of each student and using data to establish high-level instruction and individual learning goals and providing encouragement and motivation to help students reach their full potential.

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A Message From Principal Jared Higginbotham

Welcome to Magazine Elementary School!  My name is Jared Higginbotham (Mr. H.), and I am so excited to be part of the Rattler family.  My wife, Lynne, and I have been married for 30 years and we have two daughters and two grandchildren.   I am beginning my second year as the principal of this incredible school.  At Magazine Elementary, we believe it is essential that all students are learning at high levels.  It is because of this belief that we adopted our motto, “Bringing Our Best Everyday!”  I look forward to partnering with parents, grandparents and all stakeholders to create the best possible school we can for our students and community.

Go Rattlers!

Jared Higginbotham

Principal, Magazine Elementary School

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