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MHS Student Community Service

Each student must receive seventy-five (75) clock hours of community service that is certified by the service agency or organization where the student volunteers.

The community service must be in programs or activities, either in Arkansas or outside of Arkansas, that meet the requirements established by the State Board and the District Board of Directors and include preparation, action, and reflection components.

Except as provided by this policy, a student must receive at least the following documented clock hours of community service each year:

  • Fifteen (15) hours for students in grade nine (9);

  • Twenty (20) hours for students in grade ten (10);

  • Twenty (20) hours for students in grade eleven (11); and

  • Twenty (20) hours for students in grade twelve (12).

Students transferring into the District after grade nine (9) or students who are graduating early may receive a diploma provided that the minimum requirement for each year the student attends the District is met.

The District Board of Directors may grant a waiver of the community service requirement for extenuating circumstances on a case-by-case basis, which may include without limitation:

  • A major illness associated with a student or a family member of a student;

  • Student homelessness or housing insecurity; and

  • Notice to the public school district board of directors if the student is a major contributor to family income.