Red Ribbon Week

Magazine Students Participate in Red Ribbon Week Activities

By Jymma Posey

Magazine High School Journalism Class

Magazine High School recently participated in Red Ribbon Week, a week-long drug-free promotion that encourages students to live drug-free lifestyles and gives them reasons why they should stay away from drugs. 

During the week of Oct. 25-29, there were dress-up days to make it fun for students. Each day was different and unique. This year the days were “Proud to be Drug-Free” ‘Merica Day (Monday), “Friends Don't Let Friends Do Drugs” Twin day (Tuesday), “I’m Giving Drugs the Boot” Western Day (Wednesday), “Sock it to Drugs” Crazy Sock Day (Thursday) and “Proud to be a Drug-Free Rattler” School Spirit Day (Friday). 

Members of the  High School Heroes visited the elementary school daily to distribute items associated with the drug-free campaign such as ribbons, bookmarks, rubber bracelets, coloring books, buttons, pencils, and suckers. On the final day of Red Ribbon Week, there was a Fall Festival for elementary students. Each elementary classroom created different games and activities for the children to play and win candy prizes. 

For the high school students, there was a drug-free assembly to discuss the importance of how to do right to yourselves and others. There were also games.