Important Information for Away Basketball Games

Important Information:

Away basketball games will look very different this year due to COVID-19 restrictions. Currently, each school has determined how many visitors they can allow with the current gym guidelines (We can allow 145 on the visitors side and 164 on the home side). We are very blessed to have a large arena but not all schools are that fortunate. While the  majority of our games this year are at home (19 home games), we felt it necessary to let everyone know how the away games will work ahead of the season. We will provide updates if and when these guidelines for away games change.

1. Each district has determined the number of seats available, they will differ district to district.   For example Mountainburg will have 38 visitors seats, Lavaca will have 40, Acorn  will have 45 and Mansfield will have 125. 

2.   A voucher will be needed for each game that you attend. If you attend two games you will have to have a voucher designated for each individual game. The gym will be cleared between games to make sure those with vouchers for that particular game can attend. The price for admission will be  $5 per person no matter if you go to one game or four games but you will need to show your ticket stub and new voucher for each game attended.

3.  Due to the limited number that can attend away games, vouchers will be designated first to parents/guardians. In the event that we have any extra vouchers for away games we will post the number available on our social media account . 

Even though we realize the importance of parents and the community attending away games current guidelines restrict some facilities. Please remember that the goal of these restrictions is to ensure our players get to play as long as possible.   If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.